Sunday, January 19, 2014

Biking Destinations Around Asia

I love biking ever since I was a kid. It really gives me that ecstatic kind of feeling after every ride. 
I can still vividly recall my hard work, wounds and accidents back in my childhood years just so I can pedal a bike, balance and go further. And yes, all those battle scars were worth it. 
Until now, my love for biking never fades. Biking always gives me a different perspective about life and the places i see. It gives me an opportunity to slow down, see the world in an open space, savor every moment and lastly, provides a good exercise to the heart. These i believe contribute to the state of euphoria I am in after every biking experience. 

Every time I travel, I always try to check if I can go biking in my chosen destination. And luckily I was able to bike even away from home. Each biking trip I had was really unique and different. I compiled places around Asia where you can go biking with a group or even solo. I am hoping that I can add more to this list.

1. Singapore
 I had my first biking experience away from home during my solo travel in Pulau Ubin, Singapore.
Contrary to the Busy Singapore, this part is very laid back. It's a small island located North East of Singapore and also known as the last "kampong" village, imagine Singapore years back before tall buildings and busy streets sprouted. Biking in Pulua Ubin was like a scene in the famous "Back to the Future" film.

Bike Rental Cost: $6-$12/ whole day rental

Sights to See:

One of my favorite spots and it was really breathtaking. I called this the "Blue Lake". 

It was so hard to say goodbye to this Island and view. I am grateful to have witnessed this spectacular view. 

Well, a picture with my bike and travel shoes is a MUST. Thankful for my mini-tripod. 

You can read more about my adventure: Biking Around Singapore

 2. Thailand
Remember the famous "Temple Run" game? I call this next biking experience, "Temple Biking". Yes, it was like a temple run experience but on a bike. Can you guess what you'll see in this place? 
Ayutthaya, Thailand has a very rich culture. It is considered as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Biking in Ayutthaya is a bit challenging and risky compared to Pulau Ubin. In here, you'll bike around busy streets meaning 8 lane roads, hello monster buses and gentle giants. I was glad I braved and survived one hell crazy biking adventure.

Bike Rental Cost: 20 baht/ whole day

Sights to see:

One of the Temples (Wat), you'll see during the trip. Temples were everywhere. 

The famous "Buddha in the Tree". 
Another MUST photo with my bike and travel shoes. Oh hello there Dumbos! 

You can read more about my adventure: Biking Around Thailand.
3. Korea
Being born and raised in a tropical country where there are only 2 seasons, this biking trip really made me so exhilarated. I was able to explore and bike around Nami Island, South Korea during Autumn Season. I felt blessed to have witnessed another impressively beautiful nature. 
Nami Island is a small half-moon shaped Island. It became a popular tourist attraction because it showcases different scenes every season and also the shooting location of the famous Korean Drama Series, Winter Sonata. 

Bike Rental Cost: KRW 6,000/ 30 minutes. (The bike rental was expensive compared to the others but you can tour the whole island by 30 minutes. However, capturing photos will take your time because every spot is great for picture taking.)

Sights to see:

Showcase of colors. Let your eyes feast.
Because Winter Sonata became so sensational, a monument of the lead characters was built. Welcome to "The Island of Love". 
Every corner of the place was picture perfect so I  grabbed the opportunity. I am forever grateful that I can see and travel. 
Bike, travel shoes and Autumn= Beyond Happy Moment. 

Where to go biking next? 


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Beautiful pictures I love picture no. 09 & 10.


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Thank you jony.