Wednesday, November 21, 2012

La Union: Drive, Surf, Eat!

As part of our annual team building, we agreed to go North this time and do some adrenaline rush activities such as suuuurfing! 
It took us around 5 and a half hour drive from Pampanga to La Union, including stop overs. We didn't experience any heavy traffic on our way to La Union but there were some roads under construction that made our travel longer. I suggest that you leave or travel midnight to avoid the hassle and heavy traffic. 

La Union is becoming the Surfing Capital of the North. It was said that July-February is the best time to go surfing because of good swells and more consistent waves. During our visit, we were able to attend the Last day of the Surf Break Season held last Oct. 26-28. It definitely was a great time to surf, rock some Beach party and enjoy some booze! And oh, La Union also has great restos to dine and get bloated. Just do some surfing after to shed or burn some calories! haha 

"Because Everyday we are given a Chance to Conquer our Fears! 
So Get up, Head up and Dare Yourself!"
Surfing lesson costs 200Php/hr for the board and 200Php/hr with surfing instructor. Happy to get a discount, thanks Kuya Junior! =)
The Winning Art Piece during the recently held Surf Break by Mike Chan Tan. 
My Surfing Instructor: Junior Ventura (0905-3099652). 
He is also Philippines' First Single Fin Longboard Champ. 
Thanks for the encouraging words and for the patience. It was indeed a great surfing experience. All i can say is,  I'm STOKED!  

So how did my surfing go? 
I was anxious at first because doing push-ups is really hard for me. In surfing you need a good push and balance in order to stay up. I was really happy to be able to do it on first attempt and also experience a long ride! Yoohoo!  It's definitely a wrap for my beginner's surfing session! And as i always say to myself, you'll never know until you try! Never stop challenging self and discovering more. And oh, if you haven't read my previous blog i'll mention this again: I am not really a good swimmer but i was able to do some surfing. It will just take a little courage.

 The Students and the Gurus (They call themselves the Feral Team). A short but definitely a refreshing break. 

Never leave La Union without trying some of their local restaurants.
Going Loko (Tagalog word for "Crazy") over Halo Halo de Iloko!
Definitely a must try resto if you visit La Union. Everything was Delicioso! It was indeed a "Happy Tummy" experience. 

Gluttony at its finest!
Sisig, Okoy, Emparedados, and oh don't forget the yummy dessert... Halo Halo!
What makes the Halo halo special? The yummy yema, it's refillable! Droooooling. 

Thanks for adopting us! 
It is located along the main road, opposite side of Sebay and it's around 200-300m away from the beach. They also have a restaurant, which serves sumptuous food. MUST try! They have spacious and clean rooms. We stayed on the second floor which is a fan room. It can accomodate big groups. It's really cold during night time so no need for aircon rooms. We only paid 400Php/head with free breakfast. Look for ate marie or kuya angel: 09208362432- contact number

Big thanks to Melai and Kamy! We definitely had a wonderful stay in La Union. You are GREAT Hosts.

To cap it off: San Juan, La Union's beach is clean. The sand is greyish and fine. The surfing area is not rocky (the area for beginners). The water is not too deep even if you're meters away from the shore which makes it safe for beginner surfers and not so good swimmers. The locals were very accommodating and nice. It is just a short drive or Bus Ride from Manila and Pampanga and also a gate way to other provinces at the North.

More about La Union: More than Just a Surfing Spot


Aleah said...

I've never been to La Union. I've always associated it with surfing and I don't surf (that's my excuse haha). Anyway, I already replied to your question on my blog. Sorry for the delay and Merry Christmas! --Solitary Wanderer

Kara said...

@Aleah Maybe you should try it next time, it's really a fun experience. haha! Thank you very much for the reply.

Benedicto Cruz said...

I wanna go back! let's go back pay surf season ulit!!!

Kara said...

@Ben Yeah, they have so many interesting events coming! I wanna watch the surfers on costumes. haha I miss LU.

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