Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Iloilo: Knock, knock, knockin on Heaven's Door

Iloilo has been my second home. It is a place where i must admit, Gluttony is also unstoppable. Aside from their sumptuous dish, fresh seafoods, i couldn't deny how pocket-friendly their rates are. Which will make you feel a little less guilty about being a glutton. 

Aside from foodtrips, coffee talks and night life i haven't explored Iloilo that much yet and rarely enjoyed the sight of it during day. It has always been my routine to just spend a day or day and half at this place and then head straight to Boracay. But this time, i tried to see Iloilo in a different perspective and explore it a little by day, which was still not enough because of a full schedule. 

I tried to visit some of their famous and Baroque churches. But due to limited time, i was only able to see 2 but nonetheless satisfied my curiosity. I was lucky to have a good friend drive me around and tour me in the area.

First stop was Miag-ao Church, which took us 45minutes from Jaro, Iloilo City . Unfortunately, the Church was closed and only able to admire the exterior at first. But being a curious kid, i insisted to go and see the inside. Thankfully, I was able to peep and said my wish and little prayer. My mom always tell me to say 3 wishes everytime i visit a new church, and so i did.

We also passed by another church on our way back to the city. The Guimbal Church, yet another one of the oldest churches in the country. The structure of the churches were really magnificent. It felt like a throwback from the Spanish times. 

 Guimbal Church 

There are so much more to see in this place and yes, i have my list ready with me. Next stop: revisit places, ancestral houses and restos, check out museums, explore beaches, and go on hiking trips.   

Friday, April 20, 2012

Why do i travel?

Being born in a family that rarely travels and prefers to rather stay at home, I have always been questioned  about being a "Happy Feet". Arguments always arise everytime i go on an adventure or leave for travel. I am always misunderstood by my family and labeled as stubborn, thrill-seeker and extravagant.  
But, why do i travel? and even go solo?
 I believe and respect that people have different reasons and perspectives about why they do things. As for me...  I have collected the top reasons (quotes) that perfectly explain my thoughts and principles about why i love to travel. Why i still go further despite being always questioned and discouraged. 

(Credits to the people who made these inspiring pieces of art.)

These are some of the words i live by. Traveling is not "to travel" alone. Traveling is what makes life beautiful,interesting and worth living. It is opening yourself to a hundred million possibilities. Material things do last, but memories captured, shared and savored will always be priceless and remain a lifetime. 
Someday, i will be understood.
 Ahoy! and my travel list goes on... 
My mind will never tire singing to the tune of "I will travel the world and sail the seven seas..La la la la. " 

You, why do you travel? 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

LIFE is a BEACH!: Philippines and Malaysia

Sand, waves, clear water, boat, fish, starfish, sunset, fresh air, cold breeze, tanned skin, lazy afternoons, huts, blue, hammock, coconut trees, barefoot, bikini = BEACH!

If there's ONE place i wanna live in, it's definitely at the BEACH. 

Funny Fact: I surely am a Beach Lover BUT not a good swimmer. Ironic? Oh well, life is still goooood. haha

 Life as i see it... tranquil, calm and deep... 
Photos of some Beaches i've been to and really love. This time, i'll let the photos speak for themselves. 


Bohol (Panglao)




(Isla Gigantes)

La Union 
(San Juan)


(Puerto Princessa)

(El Nido)

(Virgin Island)