Monday, March 5, 2012

Guimaras: The Small Island i called Paradise (Pristine Guimaras)

The pumpboats docked at the port, waiting to Sail you away. 

The pumpboat that introduced us to the Pristine Island of Guimaras, which i also called Paradise.


The ride going to the resort was bumpy and exhausting, but i know in my heart that it's gonna be worth it.

Not mindful of the dust, bumps and messy hair encountered on the trail, giddy as a little kid i was able to appreciate each and every view the island offered.

How HAPPY can my heart get? I think I'm inlove with the place with just the sight of these  luscious mangoes! Finally, I'm able to taste the much talked about "Guimaras mangoes".
(How i wished i brought some bagoong with me.)
Don't be deceived by the plain, bare and boring exterior of the Resort. It surely has LOTS to offer from extra-ordinary sights (rock formations, caves, sanctuaries) -- adventure trails -- clear, white sand beach and moooooore. 

Never stop challenging yourself, take a walk even if it seems like you're going nowhere and get ready to be astounded with every sight you take. 
Linger on the beauty for a while, and then capture a vivid picture of it in your mind that will remain a lifetime.

Their resto gives you that under the sea feeling. I loved the sound the shells (decors) made as the wind blew.

How would you feel if this picturesque sight greets you in the morning?  If this isn't love, then i don't know what it is. It surely took my breath away. 

                             Bamboo Bridge and Mangrove Sanctuary                          

Some rooms overlooking the sea... 
(Let the waves lullaby you, and the view of the endless sky be a part of your dreams at night)

More astounding creations to awaken your soul and inspire the heart... 

I must say that i loved the exclusivity of the place. You can just sit on the shore and let your eyes feast on the beauty of nature or listen to the waves while the clear water  splashes on your toes, or maybe just let your imagination play as if you're a princess waiting for your prince, with the sight of the white balusters. 

"The Breath-taking CAVE"
Proof that, beauty can't be readily seen on the outside. You must take an effort to see through things deeply and you'll just see yourself surprised on how awe-inspiring it can be. I failed to capture some photos inside the cave with my cam, great thing i have good pictographic memory that i can play over and over anytime i want to.  
If you think you've seen enough, this boat will give you the thought that "Oh, there's so much mooooore out there..." 
Dance with the waves, challenge your imagination and satisfy your curiosity. Just SAIL AWAY...

Lingering on the thought that "LIFE must be continuously discovered, explored and unveiled." I also accept the fact that i'll be forever ignorant, every chance i let myself seek of "What's out there?" Every adventure, place and experience I've been to never fail to fascinate me. It remains to awaken my senses and feeds my soul. In each venture, I take home valuable lessons and priceless memories.  
Before i bid goodbye at this majestic and pristine island, i must thank GOD for such a Marvelous creation. Yet, the BEST things are free and made by YOU. 
A day or two is not enough to really traverse the whole place, i shall come back soon...

Might catch your interest:
Villa Igang Beach Resort
Poblacion, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras
Contact Person: Marylou Arcelo (Owner) / Ms. Lorlyn Araador / Lina Rizon
Telephone: (63) (033) 3365507 / 3378074 / 09173110260 / 09263753634

Take me there:
From Iloilo City ride a pumpboat going to Jordan Wharf. (15 minutes ride)
Php15-20 for the pumpboat ride. 
From Jordan Wharf, it will take 45 mins going to the resort. 
You can rent a pedicab for Php250.
An entrance fee of Php 100-120 is collected for both resort guests and not. 

Must not leave without trying these:
  • Guimaras Mangoes (Pinoy Pride)
  • Mango Bars and Mango Biscocho from Trappist