Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand: Street Food Craze at Khao San Road

If you are the type of person who is also adventurous with food you must not miss a walk down Khao San Road. You will find a variety of authentic thai street food. And also if you are on a Budget but still want to experience a taste of thai culture, i think this is the best place to go. 

Khao San Road is a very popular place for Backpackers. You'll see swarm of tourists from all over the world. It became famous because of rock-bottom hotel rates, fusion of local bars, and not to mention the interesting things you can find in here from street foods-exotic foods-souvenirs-clothes-bags, etc. 

So how was the Khao San experience...

Who wants some authentic pad thai? One of the best pad thai I've ever tasted, not to mention how cheap it is.
Served Fresh and HOT. The smell, anticipation and the "act of cooking it in front of you" made me drool. I was like a giddy little kid waiting for her lollipop.
Now that's worth the wait! My mouth-watering "Pad thai+egg+Chicken" and must not forget the spicy sprinkles!

More streetfoods, i tried the pork bbq and it was juicy and good.

Now for some dessert: Who wants some ROTEE? As the sign on the vendor's cart say: Rotee nourishes your mind and your body.
Now this was one delicious Banana ROTEE with Nutella!

Now for a healthier meal, FRUITS! My favorite was the Mango sprinkled with spicy powder. The funny fact about it was, their Mango tasted like guavas.

If you are looking for some "FEAR FACTOR" food challenge, then maybe these grub are for you...
What's delectable for you? We saw a bunch of other tourists trying these out. But sorry, i wasn't audacious that night so i skipped on these crawlies. And, I don't think my tummy will be able to digest these. The thought of eating some of these gave me goosebumps.

Unlimited Roaches, Scorpions, Maggots, would you dare?
 I also loved Khao San because of an array of stuff you can see, do and purchase like...

Some good souvenirs. I felt sad for failing to bring one of these at home. We weren't able to get our money exchanged that night and all we got was enough to grab some grub for our rumbling stomachs
Or maybe reward yourself with some foot massage by the street if you don't value privacy that much. 
To cap off the night: We also tried their local beer, a jug of"Singha". I am not FAN of beers but it's a good try.
PLUS Beer tastes BEST when shared with Good old Friends.It was surely a night to remember.
I would definitely go back to this place. Thai street food really tickled my taste buds but didn't cause any pain in my pocket. It was a "Gustatory Experience" for me. Thai food is mostly comparatively bland or spicy and I prefer the latter. But spices are always available and gives you the freedom to perfect the taste you want. Now that's something I can add on my Food Culture Journal.

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