All About Gottabekara and Travel Shoes

I am Kara. I am a Speech-Language Pathologist and also a Certified Yoga Teacher (Kids) at Let's Talk and Learn Therapy Center. I spend most of my time teaching children with special needs. I am still working my way to be a true-blood backpacker because I am creating a balance between my passion--- kids and travel. I am also a lover of photography, beauty, nature, and sleep.

A self-confessed Daddy's Little Girl. A Social Butterfly but definitely values ME time. A girl continuously and still striving to make a BIG difference through my own little deeds. Because i try to always see life in a much deeper sense.

I also have travel shoes (Chucks, Converse), my buddy during most of my travels. I am aiming to make a collage of my photos wearing my travel shoes in different destinations around the world. Right now, we've already been around Philippines and Asia and set to conquer more places.

One destination at a time, sharing my passion, thoughts and life lessons during my travels. Come with us (travel shoes and I) as we unravel different places and culture. Because Life is as you make it, let's make every second count....

***This blog was initially made to free my thoughts and de-clutter my brain. It also served as my online journal to document all my adventures and thoughts at a certain time or moment. I know one day I'll be browsing and looking at these old memories and I'll confidently say, I LIVED the LIFE I wanted.
Recently, I decided to share my Happy Pill because I wanna inspire people to believe in themselves, keep dreaming and live a life with a purpose and no regrets. I always choose to be happy and I know I'll be happier if I share my happiness to others.

A Daughter's Letter 

Dear Mom and Dad,
I will always be your curious, wild-hearted and happy feet darling daughter. Rest assured my safety will always be my priority. I'm sorry if I can't be tamed when it comes to making my dreams into reality. I am forever a wild soul and my heart belongs to endless possibilities. I can't imagine life to just pass by without seeing my home, the world. Let my eyes feast with the beauty of the world, let my curiosity and hunger take me to different cultures that will open my mind and heart, let my ears crave for the serenade of the seven seas, let me satisfy all my senses with the sight, sound, touch and taste of every place, and lastly let me have a home and family wherever I may be. 

Much Love, 


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