Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beyond Happy: Korea Winter Photo Contest

Last December, a colleague of mine gave a piece of article from Philippine Star Newspaper. It was about the Korea Winter Photo Contest. She kept the article because she saw that I just visited Korea and she loved our photos from our recent trip. I felt really touched with her gesture and encouraging words. 

I was hesitant at first to join because the theme was about "winter" and during our visit it still looked like autumn season. But our travel dates were a part of the contest's time frame. I was really unsure what photo entry I can submit to depict "winter season'. But still I gave it a shot. 

I got really nervous because it was my first time to join a "photo contest" like this one. Oh well, aside from the mini contest held during my high school years. Nevertheless, I got too excited as well because I've always loved photography. I love taking pictures and cameras really fascinate me.I used a Nikon D3000 with an 18-55mm stock lens. Is it a sign to upgrade my lens? haha 

I passed my entry on the 6th of December and it was so hard for me to choose which entry. I was able to narrow down my choices into two. I asked some friends to help me  pick my final entry. And thankfully, my photo entry was accepted after so many revisions due to strict requirements.

On January 9, 2014, I received an email from the Korea Tourism Organization, Manila stating that my photo was chosen on the Top 40 list. I felt really happy that they were able to appreciate my photo. It was truly an unexpected surprise for me. The best part of the email was; "Your photo will be exhibited in the Korean Cultural Center. You will receive a separate notification if your entry is included in the Best 5 photos." Honestly, The photo exhibition itself was enough to make my heart oh-so-happy. I got so giddy with the thought that I will be seeing a blown-up picture of my work on Display. 

I didn't expect more and I felt really blessed already with the news that I've received. 
On the following day, I got another email from them stating that my photo was part of the Top 5, Silver Award. 
It was one "BEYOND HAPPY" moment for me. It was a surreal feeling at first. All smiles to know that other people get to appreciate the thing that you love doing. I call my Korea trip, a lucky one. I got to enjoy the place and their culture, do my passion: photography and travel, and lastly got some really good perks out of my trip (gift cards, glass trophy, LG mobile printer, be part of the photo exhibition). It was definitely oh so worth it. Now my passion for photography, travel and culture fueled a lot more. 
I got a thankful and a blissful heart for all the blessings. Definitely an EPIC way to start my 2014. Can't wait for more travels and unexpected surprises (hopefully my luck doesn't end here.) 

Thank you Korea Tourism Organization Manila for the opportunity and for appreciating my work. Thank you as well to Korea Cultural Center Manila for the photo exhibition chance. I am really amazed on how the Koreans really preserve and share their culture. So many more places to explore in Korea. 

I am such a Happy Lass! 
A photo together with my entry and awards last  January 20, 2014.  I wanted to caption it: "Love and Pray: Locking Love Promises and Wishes at the Love Tower (N Seoul Tower) and Saying a Heartfelt Prayet that they may come True (Temple). 
Gamsahabnida KTO and KCC!

Photo Exhibition: "Remembrance of the bygone days" at the Korea Cultural Center. January 20-27, 2014. 

Because I missed the Hanbok fitting during my stay in Korea. The closest to wearing it is a picture together with Korea's Traditional Dress.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ms. Kara, you have won the Silver Award of Photo Exhibition. You have done great job. It is great moment for you and us also. I am also very happy. I love your photos.

Again congratulations and enjoy.

Take care and bye

Jony Sharma
Agra / India

Kara said...

Thank you very much @Jony! =)