Sunday, September 29, 2013

First Travel Vlog: Guimaras Island, Philippines

Kara's Blog Vocab List ***Baul- Filipino Word Meaning: Treasure Box ***Baul Blog- meaning stock of unwritten precious experiences So I suddenly came up with an experiment on how I can share to you my travel adventures faster and easier, since it's so hard for me to find that "Spark" in writing because of my oh-so busy schedule lately with work and other stuff. I wouldn't want this recent trip to be put in my "BAUL" blogs again. I decided to create my FIRST Travel Vlog and give you a sneak peek of my recent whereabout. After a year and a half, I am back once again in one of my favorite places here in the Philippines, The Island of Guimaras. I went to visit another secluded Beach Resort, "Cabaling Beach Resort". Let me show you a bit of what the place has to offer. Detailed blog about it soon. Hopefully reaaaaaally soon!haha. Check out my first vlog experiment. Oh well, this is the best I can do for now as a Beginner but hopefully I can improve more through practice. A spur of the moment chance and grabbed it. You can go to vimeo to watch the video in HD. Happy Watching! Location:Cabaling Beach Resort Brgy. Espinosa Sitio Cabaling Jordan, Guimaras Contact Ms. Lot at 0949-4909206 Multi-cab Service in Guimaras Island: 0947-7861479, Melvin Camera used: IPOD Touch

First Travel Vlog: Guimaras Island from gottabekara on Vimeo.


Dan said...

Amaaazing place! Good idea to have this on video.
Btw, you are sexy =)

Kara said...

Thaaaaanks @dan. An amazing place indeed. =)