Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Boracay: My 5th Bolyweek: Why i Just Can't Get Enough!

No Matter how CROWDED the place is, You can still find your own Perfect SPOT to do your favorite thing, either you goof around with friends, play ball with the group, take pictures, be with someone special or just enjoy watching other people have fun. LAZY afternoons definitely ♥. lol
Learn new things for FREE..
FREEDOM to do Anything you want, you just need to find that Perfect spot. "CAPOEIRA at the Beach" Just DO your Stuff!

  Dragon boat Team: Their Passion giving you so much INSPIRATION. A place that will give you the right dose of inspiration you need.

Great FOOD...
that will make you crave...
for soooo much MORE!
Where Gluttony is unstoppable...

Funny Fact: After a month of starving self, you'll just give-in to that temptation.. And it feels so good! Buuuuuuuurp. lol
And only in Boracay where Pigging out with just your two piece on is LEGIT! Doesn't really matter if you get bondat! lol
A place where you are FREE to just be yourself. You can Be SILLY as you want to be. Who Cares! FREEDOM from those "judgemental eyes". Walang basagan ng trip. lol (C) to R.Pison.
Boracay never loses it's charm. Foreign people still can't get enough of it. That Makes you a PROUD Pinoy! (C) to R.Pison.
Plus a HOT guy beside you while getting the perfect tan= PERFECT! lol
On a serious note, It's a sweet escape from everything. Diggin to his favorite book while at his favorite place: BEACH! Be with people needing H-I-A-T-U-S like you do, giving you that "guilt-less" feeling!
(C) to R.Pison.

LAZY afternoons at the beach= PRICELESS!
A Glimpse of Paradise greets you in the Morning... makes you wanna wish to stay there FOREVER. 

Tranquility at its BEST. 
Just when you thought you've seen enough, then you'll suddenly realize that you're not even Half way.

This Magnificent Sunset gives the notion that tomorrow is gonna be a BETTER day. Live and Love Life! God is GREAT!
Partying till SUNRISE! You just have to release all those Negative Vibes. Doesn't really matter if you feel Out of Place, you might not be on same HIGH feeling like others. But You're still on HIGH because of that STRESS free feeling even just till the Sunrise! A quick escape from Reality. (C) to R.Pison.

Great friends at the right place.. I love you both! You made it extra special this time. ♥

Plus, a great and gorgeous HOST! Cheers to five years of Bolyweek Together! lol Love you baby.

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