Friday, October 11, 2013

Baler, Philippines: Celebrating my Birthday Weekend at the Beach

     Last weekend my friends and I went to Baler for 2 Reasons: First to celebrate my birthday at the beach (Aaaaaaah imagine how giddy diddy I was); Second to watch our friend compete at the First  Stoked Inc. Philippine Wahine Classic Event by Surf Institute. 

     We decided to just meet at Baler since some of us are from Pampanga and others from La Union. Some also planned to go there earlier and stayed longer including our friend who's a part of the Competition. 

     From Pampanga, we boarded a Genesis Bus going to Cabanatuan around 8am at San Fernando, Central Terminal Station. We arrived at Cabanatuan around 10:30am and waited for a bus going to Aurora, Baler. The bus to Aurora left around 12:30pm and we reached our destination around 5-ish already due to the zigzag road and stop overs. Yes, I must admit it was a grueling almost 8-hr travel and I felt the need to snooze in bed right away. I felt mixed emotions upon our arrival. I felt so happy that we've finally arrived at our destination but at the same time sad because the travel going to Baler almost ate most of our time. We only stayed overnight at Baler due to conflict in schedule. 

© D.P.
Waiting in vain at San Fernando, Central Terminal Station. Yes, I am not a morning person. haha

© D.P.
At the Bus Terminal Going to Aurora. Shot taken inside the bus. 

© D.P.
A view taken at one of the stop overs from our Aurora-Baler route. 

© D.P.
Stop over. The toilets located at the foot of the mountains. 

© D.P.
A great view of a lake on the way to Baler. 

     On our arrival at Baler, big waves greeted us. We stayed at Bayler View Hotel, which is a beach front accommodation and really gave us a good view of the sea. Initially, I planned to do a "Birthday Surf" but the big waves that greeted us, unleashed the Scaredy Cat in me. haha. Yes, I Surf on certain conditions only but I'm really working on my swimming skills. Soooooon, I'll be more courageous and confident enough to surf and face those huge waves. 

© D.P.
Inside Bayler View Hotel. 

     Saturday night was Beach Party time! DJs playing dope music and booze everywhere at Aliya Surf Camp, host of the competition. Gladly, we were able to unwind after a long and stressful travel. 

Good music and good friends, definitely a good night! 

DJ Sanya Smith capping off our party night.

     On our second day, we watched the finals for the surfing competition and cheered for our friend. It was so intense since the "wahines" really strutted their surfing skills. It was so fun to watch so many girls surf, "Ultimate Girl Power"! The competition organized by Carla Rowland aimed to encourage and empower more women to surf and feel stoked. Bravo to all the organizers! It was definitely a good and successful event. 

So what happened next?!?

Ta Da Di Da Di Da... Yes, we were so proud of our friend Melai Karaan for winning in her division! Woooohooooo, way to go Surfer Girl!  

Congratulations Melai Karaan for winning at the 1st Stoked Inc. Philippine Wahini Classic, Malihini LongBoard Champion.  Thank you for the wonderful gift as well. I am truly a fan.

Thank you for celebrating with me!!!

The crowd chilling and listening to some Bob Marley beat at Aliya Surf Camp while waiting for the announcement of winners.

Some Snapshots at the Sabang Beach, Baler:
© D.P.
Elevated and cemented path walk at the beach and a view of Costa Pacifica Hotel.   

Let the waves wash your worries away. Just Good vibes! 

Just Ride the Waves, Surf and Get Stoked! 

Fine, Black Sand with a wide shore line. 

This will definitely make a Surfer oh-so ecstatic! 

Who wouldn't love this view? The beauty of Mother Nature never fails to fascinate me. 

It was a quick but a fun birthday weekend get-away at the beach. Next time, I'll definitely stay longer at Baler and recommend it as well, must stay at least 2 nights to really unwind, explore the place and avoid the rush. We weren't able to tour the place yet, hopefully next time. Plus you won't feel oh-so dead tired because of the long travel. I also suggest that you secure and check availability of buses if you're planning to commute. They still have limited bus rides at Baler, most leave early or before lunch time. My friends and I just rented a van on our way back since there are no more bus transportation available at around 4-5pm. 

Itsy Bitsy Travel Expenses:
Currency: Philippine Peso
Bus ride: San Fernando, Pampanga-Cabanatuan= 108/pax
              Cabanatuan-Aurora= 247/pax

Tricycle ride Terminal going to resort = 15/pax

Bayler View Hotel2300/room good for 3 (Click the link for more details)

Rented Van Ride going to Manila = 8000 can accommodate 10-12pax


Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday Kara.

Thanks for sharing with us such a beautiful visit.

I follow your blog last 6 months and I have read all the blogs which you have post and always I am waiting for next.
Any way

My name is Jony from India.
What is your opnion about India visit, have you any plan. Please inform and have any question you can ask by mail in flwg E-mail address:

Kara said...

Hi jony! Thank you for the birthday greeting! I feel happy that you are reading my blogs and find them helpful! Hope I can share more about my travels and experiences. India, has been part of my bucket list or must go to places. I really find it interesting because of its rich culture. Hopefully I can have a chance to visit the place and learn more about Yoga. Again, thank you. =)

Alan Rothwell said...

Thanks i'm going to try to make it from Angeles City to Baler very soon.